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    This project entitled "Folk Art and its influence on European Culture" has been created by nine high schools from Europe interested in discovering folk art in each other's territory and the continuing impact of folk art on contemporary culture.
    We feel the will to raise our pupils' awareness of their cultural heritage on a day to day basis. We wish to open our pupils' eyes on their surrounding folk heritage in terms of architecture, music, dance, clothing, everyday objects, gastronomy, literature, legend, animal representation. To what extent does each of us enjoy a specific yet common folk identity? To what extent does this popular art play a role in shaping our lives? In a European context there is a necessity to return to local identities, to be able to live together thanks to a shared observation of different aspects of our day to day life. We feel a need to remind our pupils of their own history, and in what way this shared yet different experience is present in their contemporary society.

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                     The concrete objectives of our cooperation are:
        - to stimulate learning of more than one foreign language
        - getting pupils to encounter other cultures.
        - living cultural experiences abroad and creating a dialogue between Western and Eastern cultures.
        - to improve skills of using modern IT technologies by pupils and teachers.


Folk Art and its influence on European Culture